Stock and Sampling Service

Advantage of Fast Delivery

We keep certain colors of each yarn quality ready in our stock for fast delivery to our customers. By implementing this service, we offer our customers the opportunity to feel and test the selected yarn quality and check its suitability to knitting without losing time. You may contact our sales team to get more information about the qualities and colors available in our stock service.


Colour Continuity

By having wide range of dyed raw materials ready in our stock, we have the opportunity to produce the desired colours requested by our customers each time in accordance with the previous lots they used.

Small Size Sampling Orders

We are able to make production to a minimum of 3 kg (3 cones) as sampling service.


Updated Collections with Seasonal Colour Trends

We update our shade cards seasonally and in line with ever-changing colour trends. By doing this, we provide our customers the opportunity to use our yarn qualities with current trend colours of the season.